Black Tartan Dressage Pad

Black Tartan Dressage Pad

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And now for something completely different. Part of our Geometric collection, Black Tartan is a classy subtle set to add to your horses wardrobe.  No bright colours, no fancy embellishments just a beautiful black and grey tartan set, for those of you who like to keep things a bit more traditional. 

This saddle pad has an anatomical fit, with high wither clearance which keeps your horse comfortable, and stays in place. A faux leather girth strap increases longevity and use. Billet straps are unnecessary. We just don't do 'em. So instead of you having to cut them off, we make the saddle pad without them. 

The inner layer of fabric is a breathable mesh, we use a half inch of foam for just the right amount of padding, and the outer satin layer is durable and washable. Spot clean as needed or throw in the washing machine and wash with cold water (when no one is home to get you in trouble)

Available in sizes Pony, Cob, Full, and XL to fit everything from a Welsh to a big fancy Warmblood, and everything in between.

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