The Fleur Collection

We set out to create a collection of floral saddle pads, boots, and matching base layers that had not yet been seen. The Fleur Collection is a collection of floral patterns with a fun and vintage feel. Inspired by various corners of fashion and design, these are patterns that invoke a feeling of the past, such as a beloved memory, or cutting edge trends and never before seen designs. 

Whether we are keeping up or paralleling trends in fashion and design, we create these matching equestrian sets with the intent to do something that has never been done before. Why can't you enter an arena with a unique, trendy look? You can. Turn heads with satin saddle pads finished with beautiful floral details, while matching your horse in our newest base layers. Our technical equestrian shirts are with an athlete in mind. They may look beautiful, but they are also functional for equestrian sport. Moisture wicking material keeps you feeling good under high performance. A two way stretch means your ride is never hindered by your clothing. 

Matching floral brushing boots and bell boots protect your horse while doing what you love. Ride a dressage test, or jump a course and not have to worry about your horse's legs. 

Shop our most popular equestrian collection, the Fleur Collection, for stunning floral saddle pads and matching equestrian sets!

32 products

32 products