Rebel Equestrian Halter Collection

Every horse needs a halter. Some horses need several depending on what you tell your significant other, or how big of a shopping problem you have.

Our leather halters are designed with function and style in mind. We want to offer a collection of halters that are affordable with a feeling of luxury. 

All horses are built differently and we took that into consideration when designing our new halter collection. Every halter is designed to fit anatomically and be adjustable to your horses head. The crown piece is adjustable on both sides. The nose band can be adjusted to fit as well. Every halter is made with a cheek clip to make it easy to put on and take off. Rolled leather along the nose and crown offer a level of comfort for your horse. 

Our hardware is high quality rose gold and yellow gold. The crystals we use for the cheek piece inlay are durable with a unique claw design meaning they will stay put. 

3 products

3 products