You wanted purple, you got purple.

It seemed like every day I had emails, comments and DM's asking when we were going to bring in something purple. Purple saddle pads, purple brushing boots, didn't matter, just make it purple. 

rebel equestrian purple chromatic collection dressage saddle pad

So, being the extra person that I am, I knew it had to be good, but it had to be unique. I worked closely with my manufacturer and we created something pretty amazing. A purple set, with a slight gradient of colour from a pale purple to deep true purple. The results are stunning. 


rebel equestrian chromatic purple collection brushing boots

And thus the Chromatic Collection was created. 

The saddle pad features high wither clearance, reinforced faux leather girth patch, white cord trim and the back is adorned with crystals.


We also did something a little different this time around. Chromatic Purple is available in pony sizes. So now your tiny but mighty equines can look their best. 

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