Two New Equestrian Sets In Store

As summer fades into fall, and the weather starts to cool off, again, we can focus on saddle pads, brushing boots and bell boots instead of just profusely sweating and trying to ward off flies. 

Summer is my favourite season, but it's so hot. We had some record temperatures in British Columbia, and some days were spent hosing off horses, definitely not riding. 

But now that October is almost here, we can get back to doing what we love. Schooling horses, and dressing them in the best looking matching equestrian sets. 

We have launched two new sets this September. Chromatic Navy, as well as our Snakeskin equestrian set. These sets both come in dressage pads or jump cut saddle pads, matching brushing boots, and matching bell boots. As always, we offer affordable matching sets, with durability in mind. These are the saddle pads and horse boots I use to school on the daily, and they last. 

rebel equestrian snakeskin equestrian set
Our Snakeskin set is the latest in the Wild Things Collection, and features a satin saddle pad with breathable mesh inner layer, high wither clearance for maximum comfort for your horse. The saddle pad has a faux leather girth patch so your pad will stay in great shape after many rides. 

The brushing boots are a strong polyester blend canvas that protects your horses legs. The black faux fur leather inner layer is an added level of comfort. These boots wash easily. Simply hose them off and throw them in the wash on cold. 
rebel equestrian chromatic navy affordable equestrian set
The second set that launched is the newest in our Chromatic Collection. Chromatic Navy is a beautiful navy to royal blue gradient, in the same durable satin with matching boots. 

We are so pleased with how these sets turned out. We are proud to be Canadian Equestrians offering affordable horse tack and equestrian accessories for you and your horse. 

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