The Rose Gold Obsession Continues


It's been a hot minute since our last blog post. I have been busy navigating the world of small business and learning a ton along the way. I am so happy with how Rebel Equestrian has been going in its first couple of months of being open and I'm hopeful for the future. 

So let's just dive on in, shall we? 

The summer has been busy with activity, but I'm looking forward to fall. Sweaters, less flies, less sweating under my helmet. I love summer, but it takes a toll on both me and my horse physically. 

The best part of fall is the changing of leaves, the golden colours, and of course bringing back my rose gold get up for my horse. 

 Peep our rose gold stirrup irons. Click the photo for ordering details. 


Don't get me wrong, it's always rose gold season. I just feel a like cool crisp fall afternoon ride looks best accessorized in black and rose gold. I'm a total sucker for making my horse look as "extra" as possible. Which means I had to source out the most sparkly rose gold brow band to finish the look. If you haven't already, you need to check out Canadian Custom Browbands. Carolyn creates the most beautiful custom pieces to adorn your bridles with. 

    This beautiful browband was created by Carolyn at Canadian Custom Brownbands. Click the photo for more gorgeous pieces. 

Have you ever seen something so perfect and beautiful? I told her exactly what I wanted and she delivered. I am so happy with the results, and have a perfect adornment to my rose gold dressage bridle. Matchy-matchy for the WIN!

Theres just something so satisfying about schooling in a nice, functional get up. So obviously I was extremely happy when I paired my rose gold and matte black Samshield helmet, with my Canadian Custom Browband, and rose gold stirrup irons. 


Rose gold Stirrup Irons, Rose gold and matte black Samshield & Canadian Custom Browband 


Here's my all-time favourite set up in all its sweat, horse hair and dirt covered glory. Still looking gorgeous. Real life is messy, especially when it comes to horses. Being able to accessorize with beautiful stirrup irons, helmets (because safety is PARAMOUNT) and browbands makes everything just a little nicer. 

Please check out Canadian Custom Browbands here. 
They can also be found on Facebook here. 



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