The Glimmer Collection

Glitter is not dead. 

rebel equestrian moss green glitter saddle pad glimmer collection

A Twist on the ever popular glitter saddle pad. This equestrian collection features satin saddle pads with matching glitter binding and glitter boots. 

A staple in many horse wardrobes across the globe, the glitter saddle pad and matching horse boot set has been seen everywhere. Each equestrian brand has done some sort of rendition of it. Opulent, glittering saddle pads, with each brands logo tucked away in the corner as to not take away from the shimmering cloth it adheres to. I for one absolutely fell in love with this trend before Rebel Equestrian was even a thought in my mind. It was at that moment that I realized I really am a dressage diva. Give me sparkle or give me death. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but really, equestrian brands were turning out these gorgeous saddle pads and I was here for it. Beautiful golds, neutrals, and bright bold  colours. You name it, it was available in a glitter option. Simple trims, crystal chains, plain cord, whatever you want, there's a brand who's got it. 
The trend is still alive and well. Type Glitter Saddle Pad into your Google search bar and you'll get everything from Equestrian Stockholm, to Anky, to smaller lesser known brands (ie, us) giving it their best go. 

Now Rebel Equestrian isn't necessarily to follow exact trends, however I wanted to create an Equestrian Collection that could appease a larger crowd. Not everyone is a Snakeskin saddle pad with matching boots type, and I recognize that. I want to honour those, who want a little extra, but still want to keep things monochromatic. I also wanted to play on this glitter trend. Thus, the Glimmer Collection was brought to life. Satin saddle pads featuring jewel tones, and monochromatic glitter binding. Just a little bit of sparkle on the saddle pad. Use the saddle pad on its own, or pair with matching glitter brushing boots and glitter bell boots. 
The saddle pads, as always, are available in both jump or dressage cut. We will continue to offer both of these options so long as there are people purchasing them! 
The most important aspect of our saddle pads, regardless of what pattern they have, what colour they are or how sparkly they are, is of course the fit. All of our saddle pads are anatomically fit. They fit your horse's back. They don't slip and they don't bunch up. They all feature a high wither clearance. So whether you are jumping, passaging, or just trying to stay on while your horse spooks at their shadow, the saddle pads are comfortable and stay put. One of our original Satin saddle pad designs was the Leopard Pad. I originally opted to do it without the girth patch because I wanted to see more of the pattern. What I learned though, is that depending on your saddle, girth, and frequency of use, the area around the girth can wear out. The faux leather girth patch really is useful in creating longevity with these saddle pads. 


rebel equestrian glitter saddle pad dressage moss greenThe sample for the Moss Green Glimmer pad does not have a girth strap, but the final product will. It's an important aspect to protecting the longevity of the saddle pad. 



All saddle pads in the Glimmer Collection will have a black faux leather girth patch for this reason. Who doesn't want to get more uses out of their saddle pads? Horses and horse gear are expensive, let's make sure these products last you longer. 

Our brushing boots are made to last. Glitter can be tricky. Anyone who has had any interaction with glitter whatsoever, knows that it can be quite transferrable, so we needed to find a strong material, with minimal transfer that would hold up in the riding arena. I believe we've done that. The glitter boots hold up. They rinse easily and you don't leave behind a glitter trail while you're trotting along. (Although, that does give some Disney Princess vibes, which isn't necessarily a bad idea.) The brushing boots are available in small, medium, large and XL sizes. They have a black faux fur inner layer, and top quality velcro straps to keep them on properly. 

There was a bit of a scandal regarding glitter saddle pads recently. Most people in the "saddle pad community" can recall some Facebook posts going around about the glitter from the saddle pads transferring onto people's saddles. I don't know what brand this was from, nor does it matter, however it really did make me think. I would feel absolutely horrible if this was the case with one of our products. Your saddle is a HUGE investment. Often times, the most expensive investment other than the horse itself (and in some cases, more expensive than the horse) And I would hate for Rebel Equestrian to be stuck with this reputation. These situations can break a small business. So with that in mind, I really wanted to ensure the quality of our glitter binding and boots was there. And as far as I'm concerned, it is. There will be no glitter transfer onto your horse, your saddle, or anything else. You may see a few small sparkles here or there, but that is unfortunately the nature of the glitter game. 

Our first release in the Glimmer Collection is Moss Green. I am absolutely over the moon for this colour. The perfect shade between Army Green and Emerald Green. This is one of those colours that will look absolutely stunning on every horse that wears it. So far, it has proven to be a fan favourite! The feedback has been great, and I cannot wait to see all of your beautiful horses in our stunning Moss Green set. 

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