The All New Damask Collection

I am so excited to launch this all new equestrian collection. The Damask Collection is the perfect mix of elegance with a sutble touch of "extra" that Rebel Equestrian is known for. 

rebel equestrian collection damask set

Our first matching set of saddle pads, brushing boots and bell boots. Never again will your horse look boring during schooling and training. 

This season we bring in four colours for fall/winter.

Raven, which is classic black. I needed to add this to the first drop, because I feel like black is a universal colour in the equestrian world. It looks the cleanest the longest and just goes well with every colour of horse. 

rebel equestrian collection raven damask set
Sterling, is a gorgeous silver colour. When I say silver, I mean silver. It glistens in the light so beautifully.

Porcelain is a gorgeous shade of white. We needed to add a white colour because, it just looks SO classy. With that being said, white can be so off putting when it comes to keeping clean, but everything is lined with black. Black faux fur on the boots instead of white. Black lined saddle pad to keep the sweat stains from showing. You're going to love this colour. 

rebel equestrian collection porcelain damask set

Lastly, we have Rosé. I cannot believe how gorgeous this colour is. Out of the light it looks like Burgundy but in the sunlight it's the most gorgeous deep blush colour. The Rosé colour has proven to be our most popular colour this far, and it's easy to see why. 


rebel equestrian damask equestrian collection rose

I hope you love this collection as much as I do. We will be bringing in new colours for the spring/summer2021 season as well as some limited edition releases so as always, stay tuned! 

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