Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Spring is almost here, which means we survived another winter. YAY! Us horse people know what it's like to deal with frozen water buckets, frozen pipes and the struggle of frozen hands trying to get anything done. 

So, I guess congratulations are in order! With spring time brings, warmer weather, fresh horses and more riding. 

I ride all throughout the winter time, as we live in a fairly mild climate in Vancouver, however I feel like I can't get down to really schooling until it stops being freezing cold outside. 

I had a conversation with my coach about how a lot of winter is just spending money on saddle pads and matching boots, and spring and summer are when you ACTUALLY get to use your purchases. 

So for this spring I wanted to do something totally different. Being in the equestrian industry you see a lot of the same things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, however I decided to push the envelope and come out with a new equestrian collection that is unique, fun, affordable and functional. I feel like this new Wild Things collection encompasses all of that. It's exactly what I want Rebel Equestrian to be. Great items, at a great price, and still high quality. 


rebel equestrian leopard dressage equestrian set Langley


We have two new matching equestrian sets: zebra print and leopard print. They are available in dressage pads, jumper pads, brushing boots and bell boots. The great thing about these sets is that they can be mixed and matched with many other colours. For a more muted look, pair the boots with a neutral saddle pad. Or pair the saddle pad with a solid colour boot. Being able to expand your horses wardrobe is never a bad thing. 


rebel equestrian zebra dressage set saddle pad bushing boots bell boots

Our Wild Things Collection is already proving to be a popular one. I for one love the direction equestrian fashion and horse fashion is going in. The bold prints and patterns, the bright colours and the unique apparel and accessories are making such a fun statement. 

Our all new equestrian collection can be found here. 

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