Sweater Weather

Summer seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. I’m sad to be leaving the long days of sun, but I must admit, I am digging these cool crisp days. No more flies = happier horses. I’d skip the freezing mornings if I could, however it’s time to layer up and grab a hot Starbucks drink. (How very basic of me)

I don’t know about anyone else, but I live for sweatshirts. A daily staple whether I pair it with breeches or Lululemon’s. School drop offs, feeding ponies, or before I ride: sweat shirts are an absolute necessity in any life situation. 

I am so proud to drop my first apparel item. The RE bamboo blend crew neck sweater. a simple, streamlined design, perfect for every facet of your life. Simple and classy enough that people won’t give you the side eye when you’re wearing your breeches at the grocery store. Okay, I can’t actually guarantee that but I WILL tell you that I’ve had so much positive feedback from NON equestrians!

These sweaters are designed, manufactured and printed in Canada. Even the wash tags were made by a Canadian company. I chose to do a bamboo blend due to the sustainability of bamboo in comparison to cotton. 

(The following information may be boring to some but  I am a giant nerd and live for this stuff. You have been warned:)

Bamboo is largely self sustaining and requires little to no fertilizer. It self regenerates from its own roots unlike cotton, so no need for constant replanting. It doesn’t need pesticides, absorbs five times as much carbon dioxide than similar plants and produces 35% more oxygen.
In today’s world, we should all be looking for ways to shrink our carbon footprint. Being in the e-commerce industry makes this difficult but I’m always looking for ways to be easier on the environment and more sustainable.    

These sweaters are the softest, most coziest articles of clothing you will buy. I’m obsessed with how well they turned out, and I know you’ll agree. 

Click here to shop the crew neck. 

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